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    Storage Addendum

    It is our understanding that your vehicle has been involved in an accident. It is in your best interest to pay any accruing charges and have your vehicle released immediately from any towing and/or storage facility and then have it moved to your residence, body shop or any other place where it will not accrue any additional expenses.

    Should additional expenses arise as a result of your vehicle being at its present location (ie storage charges, difference in labor, parts, removal of salvage, etc.) please be advised that you may be responsible for those expenses. In the event that you wish to move your vehicle at a later date, you may be responsible for any and all storage charges.

    Electronic Notification Notice

    This will confirm that I have been made aware that unless a claim document is required to be sent by mail it will be sent electronically to the valid email address I have provided Alliance with. If I would like a document sent by mail I can request this by contacting us at (847) 916-3200 or by contacting the claims team assigned to my loss.

    Please contact our claims department at (847) 916-3200 Monday through Friday between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., if you have further inquiries.

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    Rental Reimbursement Notice
    Please be advised our company has a rental reimbursement agreement with Hertz for a rate of $23.99 per day.
    If rental is approved for your claim, you are to submit a copy of the paid invoice to our office via email, mail or fax
    Attn: (claim number)
    To access this rate provide code number: 2144219 to any Hertz facility.
    Please note reimbursement will be based on reasonable repair time

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